‘Power Rangers’ Cheatsheet: Everything to know Before Seeing the Movie


“It’s Morphin Time” 

Logan and Kong: Skull Island had strong releases in March. Next on the list is Saban’s Power Rangers—a reboot of the popular 90’s show. With an entirely new cast, new suits, and remade characters, this edition of Power Rangers is defying the norm.

Director Dean Israelite spoke with Collider about the new movie, saying that in this Power Rangers they wanted “to try to come up with a design and aesthetic that felt original to us.” The new film is going to be a reset on the Power Rangers franchise.

Setting and Plot in ‘Power Rangers’

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The superhuman squad is back in Angel Grove, the same setting as the original franchise. This time, however, instead of martial arts discipline this group is prone to detention. The teenagers are well-known for their bad attitudes.

Millions of years before the timeline, Power Rangers began to defend the world from danger. Zordon, the original Red Ranger, allied himself with several others. One of those was Rita Repulsa—the original Green Ranger. More on that later.

Angel Grove appears to have a modern look and feel to it, matching the time-period its in. While a wooden sign is slightly dated, the buildings look modern and not as 90’s-ish like its counterpart.

Going by the trailer, it sounds like the meteor containing the Zeo Crystals—jewels that give the Rangers their powers—will be found at a park in Angel Grove.

Cast, Characters, and Villains

Saban’s Power Rangers brings back the original Mighty Morphin crew. Members include:

Dacre Montgomery as Jason/Red Ranger

Naomi Scott (The Martian) as Kimberly/Pink Ranger

RJ Cyler (Me and Early and the Dying Girl) as Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger

Becky G (Shower Singer) as Trini/Yellow Ranger

Ludi Lin (Monster Hunt) as Zack/Black Ranger

And Elizabeth Banks (Wet Hot American Summer) as Rita Repulsa and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as Zordon.

Billy in this edition is African American, possibly to avoid the Black Ranger from being black. But I LOVE this version of Billy; he’s the perfect representation of a Blerd (black plus nerd). He also seems incredibly witty

Rita Repulsa and Zordon changed as well. Instead of mentors for both light and dark, they are the original Green and Red Rangers. For anyone who watched the original show, they’d know this wasn’t always the case.

“Zordon was a mentor to the original Rangers and Repulsa was their enemy, but this ‘former ranger’ feature adds a degree of relatability.”

Rita Repulsa is the main villain of Saban’s Power Rangers, invading Angel Grove in search of the Zeo Crystal with her giant monster, Goldar. The Rangers must unite the Megazords—giant animal robots—to stop Repulsa.

What do you think? Will this version of Power Rangers stand a chance against the 90’s edition? Let’s talk in the comments!

Catch the super team in theaters March 24.

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