12 Mind Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Wonder Woman


“If no one else will defend the World, then I must.”

With Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman (2017) well on the way, it’s time to brush up on some facts. The Amazonian warrior might give DC their first cinematic hit or a flop. While the movie serves as Wonder Woman’s origin story, there’s still much to tell.

Diana of Themyscira, aka Wonder Woman, has some common facts about her like super strength and super speed, but let’s ignore the obvious. Did you know the remains of Zeus’ shield made her bracelets? Or that she’s wielded Thor’s hammer? Let’s look at 12 mind blowing facts about you didn’t know about Wonder Woman.

12. Her Gauntlets Suppress Her Power

Wonder Woman’s gauntlets are more than a cute fashion accessory. They deflect bullets, energy blasts, and projectiles, but they also act as a restraint. She’s so powerful that the bracelets prevent her from dealing deadly blows to her opponents. In some stories, Wonder Woman goes on an uncontrollable frenzy without them. If she had to, she’d be able to crush the Man of Steel without them (although it’d take Kryptonite to kill him). There’s a reason they’re called The Bracelets of Submission.


  1. No D.C. Screwed it up when they made her a daughter of Zeus. Her creator wanted her to be purely feminine. No maleness about her. By changing her origin they changed what was unique about her.

      • “Another flop” First off there has been no flops in the dceu. Secondly..Ive read some WW spoilers And her origin is nothing to worry about. Wonder Woman will be great

        • To each is own my friend! I’m glad to hear someone thinks it’ll be great. I think it will be as well!

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