‘5150’ Proves Some Secrets Are to Die For


“Sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water.” 

Indie films are a toss up. Some of them are masterpieces, while some can be hard to swallow. But when you add horror it has a better chance of being a disaster. Modern horror films have predictable plots, lackluster villains, and forgettable casts. It seems close to unimaginable to make an independent horror film in five days. However, Michael Cory Davis aimed for the impossible in his film 5150.” 

Drawing from themes of family, secrets, and bad decisions, the female-driven “5150” chronicles the tale of four girls in a twisted situation. Best-selling author Autumn (Ashlyn Pearce) takes action for her sister, Cami (Kirby Johnson), as Cami’s mental illness spirals out of control. With the help of her friends Desiree (Vanessa Giordano) and Carmen (Daffany Clark), she places Cami on a “5150” involuntary psych hold. Cami resurfaces two years later threatening to expose the now-successful women and their darkest secrets. The trio must commit a sickening act to keep their fame.

Is ‘5150’ scary?

This looks pretty damn creepy…

There are some chilling aspects in this movie—Cami’s mental breakdown scenes were pretty frightening and among my favorite! I found chills shivering down my spine when she talked about alien takeovers and conspiracy theories at the speed of light. She spewed all of this (really, really quickly) with an upside down cross on her head. Kirby Johnson showed her talent through Cami’s believably disturbing mental breakdowns. After the time skip, she’s vicious and vengeful, ready to expose the trio’s deepest secrets.

Meanwhile, Autumn, Desiree, and Carmen make a drastically horrific decision to keep their successful careers afloat. It leads Autumn to a place that’s similar to Cami’s illness. Ashlyn Pearce portrayed a lovely Autumn who was a character I had sympathy for. Although her and the trio’s choice is questionable, it’s still hard not to feel for Autumn.

While the act is bloody and Cami gives me goosebumps, I would’ve liked more horror. I want to cry in a corner from the fright, so turn it up a notch! A longer filming time could’ve helped. Davis chalks “5150” up to be a little more frightening than it is. But again, a longer film time can fix a lot, and I liked it for what it was.

I won’t spoil the ending for you. 

While Michael Cory Davis’ “5150″ has great talent in its leading actresses and chilling Cami scenes, I would’ve loved to see more gore and horror.

Check out “5150” streaming on iTunes VOD July 11.