Blerd Blog Selects: Six Spectacular Comic-Con Trailers


Hello, Blerds, Geeks, and Nerds!

Warning: Light Spoilers for shows. No Game of Thrones Episode 2 spoilers.

Update: Changed to six trailers 🙂  

San Diego Comic Con looked like a slice of heaven! I wasn’t able to attend this year, but I did my best to follow the action. In response to the largest pop culture gathering, I decided to call out my favorite trailers from the weekend!

Under each trailer, you’ll find a short synopsis and my thoughts. Be sure to share your thoughts and favorite trailers as well. I’m STOKED for what’s to come from the Geekverse!

6. The Flash

After Barry sacrificed himself to the Speed Force, he left Central City to Team Flash. With Wally left as the only Speedster on Earth-One, he’ll have to hold things down. Unfortunately, the foes look like they’re bringing some big guns to the table. Caitlin’s back, and the team will try getting Barry out of the Speed Force. We will find out October 10.

While some look forward to it, Barry’s return sounds cliche. Wally needs the spotlight, and there are two solid reasons for that. The first is Wally’s African American character. Of course a Blerd wants to see the Black guy succeed, so go ‘head Wally! Also, it will help usher in more Black superheroes on mainstream television. Second, Wally was the main Flash for a while. Wally West was the leading Flash from 1985 to 2009. Let’s give Wally a chance for a change.