Atomic Blonde is a Combination of Thrilling Action and Impressive Acting


Hello, Blerds, Nerds, and Geeks!

Warning: Light spoilers for Atomic Blonde ahead.

When you think of spy films, James Bond comes to mind. Bond films are not only the best spy movies but also some of the best movies. Perfectly timed explosions, top secret missions, and graceful badassery take Bond to the top. However, there’s someone new who squeezed their way into the genre…

The Atomic Blonde

Based on Antony Johnston and Sam Hart’s 2012 graphic novel The Coldest City David Leitch’s Atomic Blonde takes place in 1989, during the collapse of the Berlin Wall. MI6 Agent James Gasciogne gets murdered by Russian agent Yuri Bakhtin. Bakhtin steals “the list” which contains the name of every active Soviet agent.

10 days later MI6 Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron), aka The Atomic Blonde, is questioned about her mission in Berlin. The movie then takes us through her journey to recover to stop a double agent, Satchel, and get the list with the help of her contact, Agent David Percival (James McAvoy).

Charlize Theron’s Lorraine Broughton is a powerhouse. This woman fights her way through anything—even if it’s two guys twice her size. Several times throughout the movie Lorraine’s up against more than one to two guys, but she overcomes the odds of size and takes them out. She’s fearless, calculated, and constantly ahead of her opponents.

“Theron characterized a rare boldness in Lorraine that most men don’t have.”

James McAvoy’s David Percival is an intriguing character. From the very beginning, he feels suspicious and as if he’s up to no good. Throughout the film, we begin to learn about his secret connections and why he is the way he is. Oddly enough, instead of Percival, they slipped in a lackluster love interest for Lorraine, Delphine Lasalle (Sofia Boutella). Her involvement in the film was unnecessary and added to a bigger problem—pacing.

The story is extremely sporadic. I found myself planted on the edge of my seat most of the time just to keep up. It’s loaded with different hints, clues, and subplots that eventually reveal Satchel’s identity. Characters can be hard to keep up with too. The movie isn’t an easy to swallow Marvel film—be on your toes while watching this one. If you miss one tiny detail, you’ll most likely get lost. Not only is the story sporadic, but it’s also crowded. One minute there’s a list, the next someone’s a traitor after that someone else is killed.

There’s also a lack of diversity in the film. I see zero talents of color, what’s up with that?

Atomic Blonde was a great watch. While things were all over the place and I would’ve appreciated people of color, the talent, action filled scenes, and secret reveal were all worth the view.

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